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Full Moonology ~ Sagittarius: Cacao, Qigong & Sound Bath

Happy Full Moon Love Tribe!

Our Love Tribe gathers each month at The Center SF to honor our Thanks to the overwhelming love and support from our tribe, we have been selling out, and it is time to expand our offerings! Join us Thursday May 31st 7:30pm. 

This new offering will have the same things we love from our ceremonies, but with a shorter 30min sound bath after an hour of expressive Qigong flow. Gathering in Ceremony is an ancient ritual that helps us synchronize our human experience with the cycles of nature.

The Full Moon is a time to seek healing through balance. It is a time to contemplate what has been supporting our highest path of consciousness, manifest the intentions we set at the New Moon, realize what patterns or beliefs no longer serve us, and let them go! Full Moon energy has its strongest effect on us three days before and up to three days after it is full.

This Full Moon is in Sagittarius. “The Archer” is a Mutable Fire sign known as The Counselor. Sagittarius says, “I See”, and the ruling planet is Jupiter. Sagittarius's flower is Narcissus & Dandelion, and day of the week is Thursday. Its color is Light Blue & Purple and lucky numbers 5 & 7. We invite you to color play with us if it resonates with you by wearing White or Light Blue & Purple.

We will begin our ceremony with a seated group space cleansing using Palo Santo. Palo santo is derived from specific trees found in the South American rain forests of Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, and Peru and has been used for most of known history for a variety of healing including medicines, native ceremonies and, especially in Incan culture, spiritual clearing of a space, crowd or person.

Once everyone has settled we will talk a brief moment about where the moon is in transit, and how it affects us for this specific cycle. Next, we will guide us some Pranayam (breath work) and tune into our highest vibrating consciousness by sharing our unique vibrations through Mantra (chanting). Next Chelsea will guide us in expressive Qigong movement. For savasana, you will be bathed in a symphony of sound as you sit or lie comfortably in your space. We will journey through sacred sound healing, accessing balance through Pyrenees Koshi Chimes, Peruvian Seed Rattle, Chilean Cactus Rain Stick, Frame & Ocean Drum, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Heart Chakra Singing Bowl, and the loving vibrations of the Gong.

After our sound bath, you will be guided up where we will join our vibrations by sharing in a closing meditation.

Full Moonology ~ Saggitarius
Thursday, May 31st 7:30-9:30 pm
The Center SF - 548 Fillmore Street San Francisco, CA 94117

Love Exchange: Before midnight 5/22 - $22.23
after 5/22 - $33.30

Tickets available on Eventbrite:

The Center has a very limited number of blankets, mats, and eye covers. Please bring any items you need to be comfortable, such as a yoga mat, blanket, and pillow. Feel free to also bring any crystals you would like to charge with our ceremony energy.

***No refunds on ticket sales. Please use this event page to sell if needed.***

Dream Big!
Love Tribe,

Abigail Danielle Tyler & Chelsea Kirby