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Sacred Sound: Singing & Songwriting Circle

Your voice is unique and sacred; there is no other sound like yours. It is your sonar and it is your divine right to utilize that expression. In this expressive vocal workshop we will find freedom, confidence, and fluidity in our voice; we will tap into and release our sonic vibration.

This series will use a variety of traditional vocal techniques along with exercises for enhancing creativity. We’ll use meditation to explore and clear any unconscious beliefs that hinder our expression, and breathwork for tapping into the power of our diaphragm, along with toning to release any blockages in the throat chakra. The combination of these practices will to assist us in producing a clear and more confident sound. Together we will tap into the healing resonance of our voices.

Our intention is to come together with the understanding that in this space there is not such a thing as a “good” or “bad” voice; your voice and resonance is unique and sharing it is a healing and cathartic practice.

Each session will close with us creating an improv song together and a lyric-writing exercise to encourage you creatively and aid you on your personal journey with sound.

Tickets available here: limited space as capacity is 12
***Suitable for all levels/all people.

Please bring notebook or journal, an open-heart, and be ready to co-create and have some fun.

I would love to feature different instrumentalists each time, If you play guitar, percussion, etc and would like to play along please PM me ;)

About Chelsea; 

Chelsea is passionate about music, movement, nutrition, and living simply. She views sound and movement as sacred expressions of a universal language; a language that connects, empowers, and unites people from all backgrounds. Chelsea is a musician, sound-healer, fervent yogi, aerial arts enthusiast, dance junkie, and fitness mentor, who has been coaching others on their journey of health for over 10 years.

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