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Walking on New Moon

Walking on New Moon ~ New Year, New Moon, New Us! 

Welcome to 2019! We made it to another year! We’ve survived love & loss, life & death, birth & transformation. May all our experiences and lessons of 2018 pave the way for a fully empowered and balanced self. May we continue to tune into the vibrations which nourish our soul and expand our hearts! To celebrate our first New Moon of the year, we will be gathering in the most magical space, The Clocktower! We have a beautiful evening prepared to nurture and restore us. Our celebration will include:

♥ Vibrational Healing
Kundalini Breathwork & Mantra Abigail Danielle Tyler
Sound Healing Ceremony Abigail Danielle Tyler, Chelsea Kirby, Nick JohnsonNate Levin
with hands-on Reiki Linda EdlingNita SimsLucas CareyJessica Boote
Live Guitar & Sitar by Sasha Bayan
Live Performance by ArulaChelsea Kirby

♥ Nourishment 
Eliza's Elixirs: Cacao & Golden Milk
Momma Delores' Homemade Vegan Meal: tamales, beans, rice, salad

♥ Treatment Stations 
Astrology Readings
Somatic Body Exploration 

Gathering in circles to honor the moon is an ancient tradition that helps us synchronize our human experience with the cycles of nature. The new moon represents the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new cycle. It is when the moon is in its darkest stage. This is a ripe time to go inward, access the depths of our intuition, and cast our dreams intention for the next cycle. The seeds we plant at this time will take root and blossom as the moons energy waxes and builds to the full moon, shedding light on what shadow patterns have come up to release and heal.

This New Moon in Capricorn is also a partial solar eclipse. This makes this event a most powerful marker for the intentions we set can influence the next six months! Capricorn “The Goat” is a Cardinal Earth sign known as The Ambassador. Capricorn says, “I Utilize”, and the ruling planet is Saturn. Capricorns flower is Carnation, and day of the week is Saturday. Its colors are dark green and dark blue, and lucky numbers 2 & 8. 

Saturday, January 5th, 2019 4-8pm
Doors open at 3:45 pm
The ceremony starts at 4:00 pm - Please arrive 15 minutes early as it takes some time to navigate to the Clocktower penthouse from the street entrance.
The Clocktower – 461 2nd Street San Francisco, California. 94107
Love Exchange: $108 (includes Eventbright fees)

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