Turning chaos into creativity!

Happy Monday y'all, I'm so excited to see you all this Saturday at Urban Mystic Expressive Flow! The past few days have brought up some shit for me to put it quite bluntly. The universe has been poking and prodding me with subtle and not-so-subtle reminders; that to align with my truth more fully and be prepared for all that I am calling in, I must be persistent on my path, and yet also remain flexible to the shifting winds of time, and while persistence and flexibility may sound like two separate ends of the spectrum, I'm finding they emerge through creativity.  Because I can make plans and hold intentions, but I must also be adaptable to what is rather than set on how I think it should be.


So my theme and question for you this month is "how can we turn disarray and chaos into creativity?"  When structures or notions we've previously relied on seem to fail us; how can we root ourselves deeper in our values and remember that our main purpose here is to love. It sounds so simple, and yet, how easily we forget.


I love this quote from MysticMamma this month and have been contemplating it daily...

“...The instability brings with it a variety of possibilities and potential for creating opportunities that would not otherwise be there..instability is highly creative because nothing is set or solidified and you can mold and inform what it is that you want to manifest in ways that you can’t when things are stable and well defined." 

...so much yes!  I encourage you to also meditate on this, and on Saturday we will get a chance to embody this through movement and sound.  See you then.