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Chelsea views sound & movement as sacred expressions of a universal language; a language that unites and empowers people from all backgrounds. She brings the fluidity of sound & movement into her yoga offerings, blending vinyasa with intuitive movement and Qigong to free the spirit and deepen the connection to the subtle energy of the body.

As a singer-songwriter, sound-healer & sound-designer, Chelsea's love for both acoustic instrumentation & electronic music moved her to create her current project Arula; a rich interplay of her many influences.

Having witnessed the healing and transformative power of music, meditation and movement in her own life, Chelsea finds joy in helping others maintain balance through these powerful and approachable practices by engaging and encouraging others to communicate through this universal language.

She has been taught by many celebrated teachers in the community such as; sound & breath-work under John DeRobertis (The Power of Conscious Singing,) Amber Field (Free your Voice,) and John Beaulieu (Biosonics).  She received her 200hr YTT with Dana Damara in 2016 and has also taken various workshops with teachers such as Janet Stone, and Ana Forest, Michelle Baker, and studied yoga & meditation in Kerala, India.




AFAA Personal Trainer Certification 2009

Embody Truth (Dana Damara) Yoga Teacher-Training 200hr

Qigong - Cultivation & Mastery w/ Richard Jahnke, 2018

Janet Stone Assist Immersion,  40 hours, October 2015

Reiki Level I, Swan River w/ Michelle Baker, New Orleans

Mindfresh instructor (office-friendly meditation & movment), Mindfresh.co, 2016

Science of Sound/ Tuning Fork Therapy w/ John Beaulieu, October 2015

Volunteers for Peace (VFP.org) Kerala, India 2011; emphasis on Ayurveda & yoga 

San Francisco State University 2010, Bachelor of Arts; International Relations 





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"I have worked with Chelsea for over a year about 2 times a week. I truly miss our sessions. I was in the best shape of my life at that time. The only reason I stopped was because I moved. I have yet not found the motivation to find someone new. I felt really comfortable working out with her and wasn't embarrassed to try different exercises because there's no one around watching me.  The prices are reasonable as well.She is trained and knowledgeable in all sorts of exercises such as yoga, kickboxing and strength training. Our workouts were always different and just when I thought there could be no other new exercise she'd introduce a new one to me."  

-Jennifer Q., San Francisco


"Chelsea is a veritable encyclopedia of all things exercise--always ready with something new to challenge you with to insure that you get a well-rounded workout that maintains constant effort without boring you.  Her multi-disciplinary knowledge truly impresses (she teaches yoga too?) and her thoughtful session planning is clearly evident every time you see her."

-Nick K., San Francisco


"I have been training with Chelsea twice a week for the last year.  Her workouts are fantastic and we never do the same workout twice!  She mixes them up, keeps it interesting and pushes you in a firm but gentle way.  Her kickboxing class is also awesome!  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a hard full body workout."  

-Jay S., San Francisco


"Probably the only person that can motivate me to get up in the morning, work it out, and stay on track to eating healthy is Chelsea. When I first started, I was lazy, tired of being overweight but lacked the confidence and determination needed to start getting my butt into shape. Chelsea was and is my kick start every week. She switches her training styles to fit my needs and focuses on the target areas I hate most, while building my core strength in order to do more exercise routines. Going from kickboxing, to weight training, to running exercises, and tabata, I feel like my body is getting the most out of every exercise."  

-Koko S., San Francisco



“Love says I am everything. Wisdom says I am nothing. Between the two, my life flows.”

 Nisargadatta Maharaj